European restaurants

14 "special" restaurants, not everyone can afford to go to
Perhaps, good food and decent service in catering establishments are popular with everyone. Therefore, many periodically go out of the walls of their own home to have lunch or dinner…

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10 best restaurants in the world
British magazine Restaurant ranked the top 50 best restaurants in the world. And the list was headed by a new winner. The authoritative British magazine Restaurant presented the ranking of…

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“Arka” is a trendy bar & grill restaurant, elegantly inscribed in the real arch space of a St. Petersburg house.
The fashionable St. Petersburg restaurant “Arka” is a truly unusual place, elegantly inscribed by the architect in the space of the arch and courtyard of a historic building in the…

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10 restaurants in the world with the most expensive menu

If you have formed an extra thousand non-rubles, which you firmly decided to spend on lunch, get serious about the issue and study the list of restaurants with the most expensive tasting sets. Enjoy your meal!

10 restaurants in the world with the most expensive menu
The restaurant of Japanese cuisine Urasawa is located on the modest tenth place. The establishment can accommodate no more than 10 guests, so you will have to book a table in advance. Or maybe not, because lunch here will cost you $ 790 for two. Continue reading

Art is: 15 best restaurants in the world

The best restaurants of the world that deserve a separate journey and in which you can happily eat earth, fur, sea anemones and other original delicacies
In the midst of the holiday season and travel, including gastronomic. Forbes has studied 15 restaurants that are leaders in The World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2014, each of which at least deserves a change in the route of your holiday. Continue reading

The best restaurants in the world according to The World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2018

Since 2002, The World’s 50 Best Restaurants has published a ranking of top restaurants and chefs. Candidates are determined by a jury of more than 1,000 people worldwide. These are top chefs, restaurateurs, critics, food travelers and other industry experts. The whole world is divided into 26 regions depending on the concentration of gastronomic thought: for example, France was assigned a separate region, and our country is included in the “Russia, Central Asia and Eastern Europe” block. Continue reading

The taste and color: the most beautiful restaurants in the world

From fine restaurants on the West Coast of the USA to lovely pastry shops in the Far East, Vogue UA talks about the most beautiful places in different parts of the world.

In the heart of San Francisco’s financial district, between skyscrapers and glass offices, on the streets where the air is soaked with business and the craziness of everyday life, you will find Leo’s Oyster Bar – hello from the 1960s, a local oasis in the middle of concrete desert. Continue reading

The most beautiful restaurants in the world
The authoritative interior design magazine Architectural Digest has published a review of restaurants with the best design. Note that for their list of experts, the magazine chose establishments that opened…


Tiffany's breakfast is now no longer a cinematic metaphor, but quite a reality of itself. On the fourth floor of the New York jewelry store Tiffany & Co. opened a…


Nice Restaurants
Nice is the city of southern France, which attracts here hundreds of thousands of tourists. Agree, it's nice to know the city in all ranges, including gastronomy. On the Cote…