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The most delicious and expensive dinners in 5-star restaurants

Food culture has now become an exciting activity for many people, especially among the rich and famous, and tasting expensive dishes in trendy high-end restaurants is a kind of hobby for them. More and more attention is paid to words and terms that, until recently, most people did not use what they didn’t use in everyday life, but didn’t even hear: “organic”, “local”, “fusion”. We offer an overview of dishes that are able to hit not only the taste and appearance, but also the price.

Smells, aromas, as well as the process of eating food can remain in memory for a lifetime. Food can bring people together and help build relationships when they meet at a joint lunch or dinner. This is one of the main aspects of human life. A true fan of good cuisine will appreciate the delicious, but at the same time healthy dishes.

All modern restaurants have something in common. Organic and fresh products are becoming increasingly popular among the masses, especially among the upper class. The presentation of the dish is another feature that restaurateurs are working on. All feelings are involved in the process of eating, not just the sense of smell and sense of touch. I would like the dish served in the restaurant to have not only a charming aroma and taste, but also an excellent appearance.

Nations are in the process of developing their own food culture and determine the direction in which restaurants should develop, develop new menus, including new dishes. All this is done in order to please the ever-changing consumer preferences. Innovations resorted by professional chefs lead to the evolution of the culinary world.

7. Inn Hotel at Dos Brisas, Houston, TX ($ 250)
Cooks at the Texas Inn at Dos Brisas always use only the freshest ingredients to prepare dishes for their visitors. Organic herbs and vegetables are grown on a local farm of 10 hectares. Every day fresh meat and seafood are delivered to the restaurant. The farm-to-table method in combination with French and Asian cuisine is such a fusion in cooking that helps make any dinner wonderful, just unsurpassed. Dos Brisas boasts 7,000 bottles of excellent wine. German beer and unique handmade cocktails are served here. The chef’s six-course super menu includes oysters, ruby ​​crescent potatoes and nuts, fresh fish with truffles, salad and foie gras, classic rib-eye beef steak, brain, milk chocolate, black truffle and five options for wine selection to the dishes.

6. Bar The Polo Lounge, Beverly Hills, California ($ 265)
Bar The Polo Lounge, which is located in the well-known Beverly Hills, will appeal to any visitor. Especially beautiful outdoor area. This is a cozy place where you can relax late at night, and you can dine in the fresh air. Start a meal worth with the original snack with rare Siberian caviar. Behind her, you should taste filet mignon, Yukon potatoes, parsnip, Cipollini glazed onion and pepper sauce. And at the end of the best dessert – black winter truffle.

5. Restaurant Per Se, New York ($ 310)
The restaurant is located in the center of Manhattan and is the urban equivalent of The French Laundry. Every day there are several menus created to surprise their guests. The first dish in the vegetable menu on one particular day may include lemon sorbet, then roast beet salad, chana dal vada (lamb peas with greens), mint pancakes, armandine asparagus, potato anolini, ricotta pie, and Willoughby (asparagus and walnuts ). The dessert menu is also very large, including fruit, ice cream and chocolate.

4. Restaurant Sukiyabashi Jiro, Tokyo, Japan ($ 400)
Catty Perry and Hugh Jackman often dine at this place. Located next to the station in Tokyo (Japan), the institution is considered a real gem among restaurants specializing in sushi, so it is popular with celebrities. This is one of the few sushi restaurants that has been awarded three Michelin stars.

3. The French Laundry Restaurant, Yntville, California ($ 470)
Surrounded by a lush garden, The French Laundry shares the same philosophy as its urban version, the Per Se restaurant. Chef’s menu prices start at $ 295, but additional costs are sometimes included. The first dish is oysters with pearl barley, and then royal sturgeon caviar, which costs an additional $ 75. Then they serve the core of Hawaiian peach palm, then polenta with black winter truffle (for an additional $ 100). Next on the menu are sea language and vegetables, American lobsters, asparagus and peas, beef brisket pie, cheese, and for dessert, fruits, ice cream and chocolate.

2. The French Room Restaurant at the Adolphus Hotel, Dallas, Texas ($ 584)
The chefs from all over the world work on creating delicious dishes in the French Room restaurant. The restaurant menu changes every season. Three dishes in the restaurant will cost a fairly large amount – $ 80.

1. The Old Farmstead Steakhouse, New York ($ 947.50)
Old Farmstead Steakhouse is located in a specialized meat market, not far from New Jersey. The main chip here is Kobe beef. This beef is valued for the extraordinary marbling of meat. Cattle are specially fed with selected grain and watered with clean water. Meat supplied from Japan, certainly checked for marbling. You can start the meal with a cocktail of crab meat, and then enjoy Kobe beef, lobster and Dutch asparagus. And desserts may be such that they can be taken home with them.

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