In France, fast-food outlets have bypassed traditional restaurants.
In 2012, sales of fast-food eateries in France amounted to 34 billion euros, according to industry consulting company Gira Conseil. As a result, fast food occupied 54% of the total…

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Chief in the "Mafia": a network of restaurants will be headed by Andrei Papko
Andrei Papko will be the new general director of the restaurant chain “Mafia” of Taras and Oksana Seredyukov. About this Forbes told a source in the restaurant market. Papko confirmed…


14 "special" restaurants, not everyone can afford to go to
Perhaps, good food and decent service in catering establishments are popular with everyone. Therefore, many periodically go out of the walls of their own home to have lunch or dinner…

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9 rules to follow in a Japanese restaurant
The rules of etiquette for Japanese cuisine go far beyond "not to put your elbows on the table." What everyone is used to will look strange in a Japanese restaurant,…

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7 European restaurants with 3 Michelin stars

The Michelin Guide is the most popular and influential world restaurant rating that has existed in its current form since 1926. Three stars mean the magnificent work of the chef and the highest level of cuisine, the delight of which deserves a separate journey to the owner. In this article we will guide you through the best restaurants in Europe, whose cuisine is deservedly considered a work of art.

Belgium, Kreuskhoutem, Hof van Cleve restaurant
The Hof van Cleve restaurant is located near the border with Holland in the former building of an old farmhouse. Chef Peter Goussens was educated in France, then was invited to work at a Belgian restaurant, which he became the owner of after a short time. His kitchen earned its first star in 1994, and 4 years later, Hof van Cleve was already decorated with 2 marks of an influential rating. Seven years of hard work led Peter to triumph in 2005 – his restaurant received the highest culinary award and international recognition – three Michelin stars.

In the dining room Hof ​​van Cleve, made in the shape of the letter “G”, is located a dozen tables with linen tablecloths of the highest quality, ready to receive about 40 guests. The main focus in the decor and in the kitchen of the restaurant was the observance of local traditions and customs. The walls are decorated with paintings by Belgian artists, and the chairs are custom-made by cabinet makers. Attention to trifles is reflected even in cutlery, in the manufacture of handles which used expensive types of wood, horn of the musk ox, tusks of narwhal and other refined materials. Chef Peter Goossens is in constant creative search, like inventing new ones and giving the old recipes an unexpected and bright sound.

Assessing the most impressive and innovative dishes of world cuisine, it becomes difficult to re-experience the pleasure of the usual dishes offered in hotels. An exception will be the hotel Radisson Blu Royal Brussels, which houses the restaurant Sea Grill – the owner of two Michelin stars. The chef and owner, Yves Mattan, will offer you to taste delicious seafood dishes, and experienced sommeliers will help you choose a drink that matches this culinary splendor.

France, Paris, Pavillon Ledoyen
France is a trendsetter and champion of high cuisine, 620 restaurants of which are Michelin-winning, and the number of owners of 3 stars in one capital is more than in 12 neighboring European countries combined.

Pavillon Ledoyen is one of the oldest classic restaurants in Paris, opened by Pierre Ledoyen in 1792. The magnificent location next to the Champs Elysées made it one of the most popular places of the XVIII-XIX centuries, the visitors of which were Flaubert, Robespierre, Maupassant, Degas, Monet and other significant artists. There is a legend that it was in this restaurant that the Emperor Napoleon met with his future wife, Josephine de Beauharnais.

One of the oldest restaurants is one of the youngest owners of 3 Michelin stars under the leadership of eminent chef Yannick Allen Pavillon Ledoyen won the highest award in 2015.

Bold experiments combining classic reference cuisine with high technology and unsurpassed workmanship make visiting this Parisian restaurant an unforgettable experience.

Italy, Florence, Enoteca Pinchiorri
Enoteca Pinchiorri is one of the best restaurants in Italy and the only 3 Michelin-star owner in the country, whose chef is a woman, Annie Feoldt. Located in the center of Florence, in the Renaissance palace, the restaurant presents to its guests a surprisingly laconic union of French and Italian cultures. The choice is not accidental – the chef Anni Fiolde is a native of Nice and is a true connoisseur and innovator of national cuisine, and her husband and co-owner of the restaurant Giorgio Panchiorre is from Modena.

Guests can enjoy an amazing symbiosis of cuisines and traditions, two different menus with a predominance of one or another national flavor, and an unimaginable selection of 200 wines can satisfy the most sophisticated gourmets.

Netherlands, Zwolle, De Librije
Chef Johnny Boer invites guests to the small town of Zwolle, located in the capital of the Netherlands province of Overrsale. The restaurant was opened in 1992 and the same year, to the great surprise of critics, received its first star. Johnny Boer and his wife Teresa, the head waiter and sommelier, received the second award in 1999, and in 2004 De Libreje became the proud owner of three Michelin stars.

The restaurant is located in the former premises of the old library of the Dominican monastery of the XVI century. The chef has combined the highest level of cuisine and originality of ideas with family values, giving his elite institution a touch of home comfort. The maestro named after his children two small boats, in which in spring and summer the butlers drove.

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