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10 of the most unusual dishes that are served in restaurants of the world

Next time, dining in a restaurant and intending to complain about the dish served, you should take a deep breath and be glad that very strange delicacies do not serve here. Not that they could not be eaten, but to see them in the restaurant menu is rather strange. It is unlikely that they can be attributed to gourmet cuisine. Nevertheless, many gourmets go on long journeys only for their sake.

1. Sandwich with fried brains.
This dish ranks first in our ranking of the most unusual dishes. It is considered Indian, and its history dates back to colonial times, when the Germans and the Dutch arrived in a distant country. For this delicious dish beef brains are used. Today, due to various diseases of cows, brains are being replaced by pigs. Like a regular sandwich, it is served with mustard, ketchup, onions and pickled cucumbers.

2. Oysters of the Rockies
Rocky Mountain Oysters, Cowboy Calf. Yes. Here is an interesting name once given calf testicles in America. The testes from the bull are removed, soaked in water, then washed and cleaned, rolled in spices and fried. According to connoisseurs, the eggs of young bulls are an incredibly tasty delicacy and those who do not try this miracle at least once in their life will lose a lot. It is necessary to get used to the idea of ​​their eating, but, in fact, they are not much different from other meat parts of the bull. Indeed, they taste something like beef kidneys, but without additional odors and much more tender.

3. Khash (beef brains, head and stomach)
This traditional dish of the Middle East is enjoyed by rich people in the winter. The stomach is stuffed with brains and edible parts of the head. All this is cooked in thick broth with a terrible smell. Then spices are added in large quantities: pepper, lemon, salt, garlic and local spices. Often dried pita is added to the soup before serving. Khash is either eaten as a main dish, or in combination with fresh greens, cucumbers, cheese and / or hot peppers. You should not eat it as an ordinary dish, it is better to coincide with a delicacy for some holiday.

4. Fried Tarantula (A-Ping)
Let’s start with the fact that a-ping is a kind of poisonous tarantulas. You can enjoy them by going to the small market town of Skouon. Thanks to a-ping, he is known to almost all of Cambodia. However, the dish is not considered a delicacy. This is an ordinary traditional Cambodian street food that has become popular since 1960, when the Khmer Rouge revolted in Cambodia, which led to food shortages. The spider is rolled in sugar and salt and fried in garlic butter until crisp. The most delicious part of the spider is the belly with a brown paste of its excrement and other organs.

5. Calf scar with giblets and seasonings
The Scottish national dish veal scar with giblets and seasoning is generally considered a sausage, but the ingredients can be shocking. This huge round sausage, similar to the usual saltison, includes lungs of the lamb, its heart, liver, mixed with oatmeal and lots of spices. All ingredients are placed in a sheep’s stomach and scalded. If you are going to enjoy haggis in a Scottish restaurant, you need to be prepared for pomp and pomp. It is sometimes presented accompanied by bagpipes. Wash it down with a glass of whiskey.

6. Fish Yin and Yang (Ying-Yang Fish)
Fish Yin and Yang, also known as dead or live fish, is prepared as follows: whole live carp is quickly fried in oil, but at the same time it is kept alive so that when it gets on the plate, it is still breathing. This dish is the most scandalous in our list, because many condemn the practice as unnecessary cruelty. When the fish is on the plate, the customer can enjoy the meat, watching the fish open and close its mouth, gasping for air. Currently it is very difficult to find a restaurant in which this rare dish would be served. It is banned in restaurants in Taiwan, although some unscrupulous places in China still include Yin-Yang fish on their menus.

7. Tuna eyeballs
The dish is definitely disgusting to watch. While other dishes in the review hide some unpleasant ingredients, this delicacy is a completely intact tuna eyeball. Of course, it is not intended for people with weak stomachs. In any grocery store in China or Japan, you can easily find the necessary ingredients for home cooking. If you come across a huge eyeball, surrounded by fat and muscles, this is what you need. In restaurants, the dish is prepared by boiling it whole and adding various spices to it. Fans of eyeballs rave their delicate taste.

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