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10 most beautiful restaurants in the world
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9 reasons to go to a family vegetarian restaurant [tri:]
1. Try something new Coaches claim that for personal development, you need to do something you have never done at least once a week. Gastronomy in this respect is a…

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9 reasons to go to a family vegetarian restaurant [tri:]

1. Try something new
Coaches claim that for personal development, you need to do something you have never done at least once a week. Gastronomy in this respect is a wide field of action, there is always something that has not eaten yet. The restaurant [tri:] has something to surprise even experienced vegetarians. Life without meat most often means Vedic traditions, but in this case the view of the kitchen is wider. Despite the fact that the number of “authorized” products is shorter: in [tri:] they abandoned everything that could cause allergies. There are no dishes in the menu including meat, fish, eggs, milk (except for Italian cheeses), white flour, yeast. But restrictions only stimulate imagination. Where else will be offered tartar from germinated buckwheat or vegetable rolls with parsnips and sesame?

2. Have breakfast
The fresh bar at the restaurant opens the door at 7-30 am. Raw food breakfast is a useful thing: light but nourishing, it drives away sleepiness, helps to concentrate, and, what is striking, is energy enough until dinner and even longer. Instead of coffee and tea will offer drinks on the beans and chicory, herbal infusions, which are served with syrup – maple or Jerusalem artichoke, or coconut flowers. All this is natural and much more useful sugar substitutes. However, if it is difficult without caffeine, an espresso will be made from selected Sicilian arabica.

3. Make a business meeting
To save precious time for lunch, business lunches in the restaurant are served in the “fast” zone at the bar. The advantage is obvious: since there is no animal protein and fat in vegetarian food that delays energy for digestion in the brain, afternoon sleepiness can be avoided. Business activity while colleagues are sleeping – a good chance to pull up the “tails” and go home on time.

4. Dip into the salad bar
More vegetables, good, local and seasonal! This is not only a slogan for farmers, but also the motto of the salad bar in [tri:]. You can collect the salad to your own taste not only from greens and vegetables, including fennel and Jerusalem artichoke. In the open access – pumpkin, sunflower and sesame seeds, nuts – cedar and cashew, and sprouted grains of spelled, oats, buckwheat and amaranth. You can fill the salad with one of 6 vegetable oils to choose from. The waiters are ready to come to the rescue and make a pleasant taste mix of the proposed products.

5. Drink nut milk
Perhaps the restaurant [tri:] is the only place in the city where they prepare a milkshake of … nuts. Nut milk – a product known since the Middle Ages – then it was used during the posts and replaced them with the usual, when you need to extend the shelf life. Most often, this vegetable milk is made from almonds, poppy and sesame, but there are also more exotic species. Light, airy, with a delicate aroma of nuts – this drink is good in itself, but it can be added everywhere where cow’s milk is used.

6. Make your own meal plan
Withstand fasting, lose weight, become a vegetarian, get rid of allergies … Whatever goal you follow, in [tri:] you can help you make a meal plan depending on your individual parameters and requests. And make sure that you adhere to it: if necessary, the dishes are delivered home or to the office.

7. Take along children
A truly child-friendly restaurant: children’s devices and chairs in sufficient quantities will make lunch comfortable for the child. There is no separate children’s menu, but there is no need for it either: all dishes are fresh, made from seasonal and local products. By the way, it is quite possible that a visit to a vegetarian restaurant will force the children to reconsider their dislike for vegetables. In addition, the lower level of the restaurant is a creative space. This room is designed for all kinds of master classes, the main condition of which is the opportunity to be present with the whole family. In the mornings, there is a “Creative studio for the little ones” for children from 2 to 5 years old. For older children – the folk group and creative workshops, teenagers will be interested in courses on design and therapeutic training “Communication with meaning.” If there are no classes, older children can go to the creative space – play and draw.

8. Expand the comfort zone
The brain can and should be trained – it is scientifically proven that clarity of thought and interest in life is preserved by people who are ready to learn despite their age and social status. A chess club with training in this strategic game, a theater studio, embroidery and needlework classes, vocal classes and the development of creativity – in [tri:] it is very easy to find a way to self-improvement.

9. Take a break from gadgets
In [tri:] there is essentially no wi-fi and plasmas. Disconnection from information noise allows you to talk with yourself and with your neighbors on the table, and “reload” the tired brain. Luxury in modern times.

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