Lorenzo Whom: “The kitchen of the future is Mexican cuisine”
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Salt, fire and gaucho: what a traditional Brazilian restaurant looks like
Brazilian feast, like carnival, means a lot of passion. The restaurateur Gennady Medvedev explains what this means from a gastronomic point of view. Salt, fire and gaucho: what a traditional…

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The most unusual restaurants in the world

Dinner in the Sky restaurant opened on June 18 in Kiev. The concept of the institution is more than unusual – lunch is offered in the sky. Visitors take seats in special chairs around a large table. Fasten their seat belts (as in the plane). Then the platform with them, the cook and the waiters are raised to a height of 50 meters. Then you can enjoy lunch and pretend that this whole situation is in the order of things.

Dinner in the Sky appeared in 2004 as one of the projects of the Belgian marketing agency Hakuna Matata. Now dine in the sky can residents of 45 cities in the world. In 2006, Forbes included this place in the list of the best restaurants in the world with the most unusual concepts.

Platform Dinner in the Sky is designed for 22 seats. During the day, usually have time to do a dozen lifts. The Ukrainian company Win Win Group, which brought the brand to Ukraine, does not disclose the cost of the franchise. But Alena Zhebrovskaya, one of the company’s partners, admits that usually the Dinner in the Sky project pays off in a couple of years. True, it is not completely clear at what load: the pricing policy in the Ukrainian restaurant is not there yet (they are going to form it after the project presentation), and Dinner in the Sky will work in Kiev in the seasonal mode (from May to October), and in the format “ under the client “.

Dinner in the Sky is one of the most remarkable restaurant ideas, but not the only one. Forbes has chosen six more restaurants, which are worth a visit, if only because of their concept.

The Canary Islands, an island province of Spain, the Timanfaya National Park, hectares of scorched hills are almost a Martian desert: the island of Lanzarote consists almost entirely of volcanoes. On one of them there is a structure, in shape and color, resembling either a secret military research base, or a space port from disaster films about the future like “Recall All”.

This is actually a restaurant. Called El Diablo. In the 70s of the last century, a pair of architects covered the volcano’s mouth with a solid grate. An oblong futuristic structure was built around it – this is a restaurant hall. The grille performs two functions at once – the foundation and the cooker. Right on the grill, the cook prepares meat. It is not necessary to kindle and maintain a fire all the time – there is enough hot volcano evaporation. Lunch at this restaurant will cost $ 80-100 – hell food is cheaper than it might seem.

One of the attractions of the Tuscan Volterra – a fortification, 500 years ago served as a prison for especially dangerous criminals. They brought here people convicted for at least seven years. In the mid-2000s, a restaurant was opened in the prison halls.

Fortezza Medicea serves a standard Italian set – pasta, antipasto, prosciutto, lasagna, grappa, limoncello, wine. The average bill is around $ 30-40 for lunch. The interior is romantic, dishes and appliances, unfortunately, plastic.

When it turns out who works in a restaurant, the plastic offered instead of ceramics ceases to seem like the greed of the owners. Cooks, waiters and sommeliers in Fortezza Medicea are criminals and repeat offenders. Some prison terms go up to 25 years. So much in Italy give especially dangerous violators of the law, convicted, for example, for murder.

The work of the restaurant is controlled by the Italian Ministry of Justice, which decided on such an experiment: whether particularly dangerous prisoners can socialize.

Club 33 is located on the territory of Disneyland California. The legend associated with the number “33” in the title draws on history in the spirit of Masonic conspiracies: in this way, the founders of the restaurant thanked the sponsors, who at that time gave money for the development of Disneyland. There were just thirty-three of them.

The club-restaurant was founded by Walt Disney himself. Get into the institution from the street will not work. Membership in it is limited, and the doors for the lucky new open infrequently. But last year, after a decade of seclusion, Club 33 once again began to accept new members.

Getting inside the restaurant and taking the elevator, designed at the end of the last century, the dining room, decorated in Victorian style by Walt Disney’s wife – Lillian, is relatively simple: you need to make a one-time donation of $ 25,000 and $ 10,000 will have to be paid annually.

In Hajime Robot Restaurant, visitors are served by robots dressed (as far as possible) in ancient ethnic costumes. The technology is as follows: dishes are selected and ordered using touchscreens attached to each table. Then a robot leaves the special glass corridor, arranges dishes, dances based on generous tips and leaves until the next order.

They cook at Hajime Robot Restaurant, however, chefs are people. The kitchen is simple: barbecue plus a vegetarian menu. Eating at Hajime Robot Restaurant costs $ 20-30.

Salt, fire and gaucho: what a traditional Brazilian restaurant looks like
Brazilian feast, like carnival, means a lot of passion. The restaurateur Gennady Medvedev explains what this means from a gastronomic point of view. Salt, fire and gaucho: what a traditional…


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